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Strong Female Dog Names & Meanings

We all want a strong and badass name for our pets. But then, it isn’t easy to come up with a strong pet name in the middle of an ordinary day. So, let’s offer you some inspiration to help you choose a strong name for your canine companion.

Since we understand how crucial a perfect name is for your relationship with the dog, we will also explain the meaning behind each name. This will make it easy for you to pick a strong name to match your female dog’s personality. So, let’s begin.

Interesting Facts: Basenji is a breed of hunting dog that doesn’t bark. Therefore, it’s commonly referred as a ‘barkless’ dog.


Rebel, as you can guess, is a name that resonates with authority. So, this name will go well with an authoritative dog. It’s truly a strong and badass name that you can consider for your pet dog. Basically, this female dog name will be highly suitable for a non-obedient dog because the dictionary meaning of the word ‘rebel’ means non-obedient.


Just so that you know, Valencia is a Spanish word. The word ‘Valencia’ means brave and strong, which should explain why we think that it can be a perfect name for any female dog that’s both brave and strong. As such, there’s also a city by the name of Valencia on the south-eastern coast of Spain.


For a strong female dog, you can also try the name Athena, especially if you are someone who is into mythology stuff. For those who don’t know, Athena is a name of a goddess. To elaborate further, it’s a Greek goddess of arts and wisdom. So, it a tough name that holds special meaning.


Sasha means courageous. This word is largely used in English and Russian languages. Because of its strong meaning, Sasha will go well with any female dog that you think is brave enough to protect its master at all costs. Since it’s a Russian word, it would prove to be a perfect name for a Russian breed.

Interesting Facts: Most of the foot disorders in dogs are caused due to long toenails.


Bridget can be another suitable name for a strong female dog. It’s a word used in the Irish language, which means strong/powerful. Of course, the word can have multiple meanings in different languages. But, mostly, it resonates with strength, power, and things along the same lines, which makes it a suitable pet name for a strong pet dog.


Your female dog’s name can also be Carla because the meaning of the name Carla is strong. In the German language, it also means ‘free women’. In a way, it’s a variation of the word strong because it takes a great deal of strength to be a free and independent woman. Of course, the name is sweet and short as well.


The name molly has multiple meanings, one being ‘rebelliousness.’ So, this name can go well with any rebellious female dog. Of course, the name has become quite common these days. So, you might have a few dogs looking back at you when you utter the word, Molly. Although overused, it’s still a good fit for any strong female dog.


If you need a less common dog name for your pet, you can go with the name shadow. As you can easily guess on your own, this name can suit dogs of any gender. Having said that, the name will be a perfect fit for a dark-colored female dog because shadow means a dark image of an object.

Interesting Facts: Believe it or not, the Bible mentions dogs more than 35 times.


If you need a rare but strong dog name for your furry companion, you can go with Zelda. For those who don’t know, Zelda means ‘dark battle.’ The name has its roots in Germany, and it also means strong battle women, which should explain why we think that it will a perfect match for any strong female dog out there.


Blaze is a unisex dog name, which means that it can go well with both male and female dogs. The meaning of the name is pretty self-explanatory. As you might already know, blaze means fire. So, feel free to pick this name if your dog has a fiery personality of its own. Keep in mind that it’s also a short and sweet name.

Final Words:

We don’t need to tell you how endless this list can be. We have made an attempt to make your job a bit easier than usual. Hopefully, you must have picked a name from the list above or at least drawn enough inspiration to choose a unique name to go well with your dog’s personality.

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