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Should I Wake my Puppy up to Pee at Night?

Puppies don’t pee as often at night as we do, saving us the trouble of waking them up at night for a bathroom break. That said, puppies less than four months old can’t hold their urine for too long.

So, puppies that are aged four or less should be given a bathroom break at least once during the night. Initially, you might have to wake them up twice during the night. As your puppy grows, you can bring down the pee break to one.

In other words, don’t expect a solid eight-hour sleep at night if you have a very young puppy at your hands. You will have to live with this fact till the puppy grows old enough to sleep through the night without peeing.

That said, all puppies are different. Their bladders may grow at different rates. Some puppies may be able to hold urine longer than others, even at the same age. So, do not assume that the urine cycle will be the same for all the puppies out there.

The good news is that there are many things you can proactively do to help them sleep through the night comfortably without peeing a lot. Let’s look at them now.

Make them Pee at Night

Just before bedtime, give them a final opportunity to pee. The final pee elimination will save you from the night harassment of waking up in between your sleep. Your dog will usually go back to sleep after returning to his bed.

Interesting Facts: Male dogs pee more often than female dogs.

Provide Bee Break in the Morning

If your puppy has slept through the night without peeing even once, make sure to provide him with a pee break first thing in the morning. The idea is to help him relieve himself without any issues. Of course, try to get up early too.

Time their Dinner Well

Another smart thing that you can do is shift their dinner time a few hours before sleep. By restricting their water intake after a certain time, you will be able to help them do their business before going to sleep.

Teach them Pee after Meals

If you make this a habit from a very young age, you will notice that your puppy will pee less often at night. So, try and teach your puppy to pee after every meal. Usually, puppies find it easier to relieve themselves after meals.

Check for Infections

If your puppy is peeing a lot of times at night, you may want to get him checked for urinary infection. After all, an infection of this nature may prevent the bladder from holding on to the urine for too long.

Interesting Facts: Larger dogs can hold their urine longer than smaller dogs because of their large bladder.

Final Words:

Generally speaking, a healthy adult dog pees around 3-5 times a day. As hinted earlier, puppies will have to relieve themselves more often because of their small bladder size. Of course, their toilet breaks will keep diminishing with age.

Until then, you might have to wake them up in the middle of the night to go outside for a pee break. It helps to set your alarm for 4-5 hours after the puppys bedtime till the puppy grows old enough to hold urine for 7-8 hours at a stretch.

As you might already know, all of this is a normal part of puppy parenthood. Of course, if you don’t want to wake up at night, try confining your puppy in a space where he can pee by himself without waking you up.

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