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My Dog is Dying, and I Can’t Afford a Vet. What Should I Do?

For families surviving paycheck to paycheck, a financial calamity is not out of the question. After all, a vet’s bill can easily run into thousands of dollars.

The truth is, the vet’s fees are too high these days. And, we can’t even vocalize our complaint. After all, they wouldn’t want to be paid any less for their time.

Just the initial tests done to diagnose a health issue can cost several hundred dollars. By the time you start a treatment protocol, the total medical costs can jump up to a thousand dollars or more.

So, how do you cope with this situation? No matter what your financial situation is, you should do everything possible to save your canine companion.

In other words, do not let the growing panic get the better of you. Here are some lifesaving options that you can consider to deal with the dire situation.

Explore Rates:

Of course, this isn’t like bargain shopping. Your pet’s life trumps the expense involved in getting him treated. But then, the care offered at a clinic may come at a cost, which you may not be able to afford at all.

In a scenario like this, you can call other clinics around you to see if they can get your pet treated at better rates. By exploring other options, the chances are that you will be able to treat your pet at an affordable price, allowing you to save an innocent life.

Reach Out for Help:

Since your pet’s life is at stake, do not hesitate to take help from others. You can reach out to shelters around you or even post about your dog on Facebook. Believe it or not, people often support/help without thinking poorly of the person seeking help.

Local rescue groups can also come forward to help you out. Therefore, be willing to surrender your dog to them so that they can treat your dog. Also, see if there are low-cost services for such situations.

Take Loan/Credit Card:

If you are willing to accept debt arising from a situation like this, you can consider taking a small loan to afford your dog’s treatment. Alternatively, you can use your credit card to pay for the medical bills.

Of course, your credit score will be judged before a financial institute agrees to give you any money. If you don’t qualify for a loan, you can check with your friends and family to see if they can be of any help.

Seek a Payment Plan:

In case credit card debt worries you, other options can be considered. For instance, you can work out a payment plan with the vet to afford the treatment. The good news is that many clinics offer payment plans these days.

Sometimes, vets also do treatments for free to save a dog’s life. Of course, the vet is not obligated to provide free treatment. At the end of the day, the pet is your responsibility and not the vet’s responsibility. So, don’t expect all vets to offer free treatment.

Interesting Facts: A lot of vets have admitted to not using painkillers, even in painful situations, to prevent the dog from moving around much immediately after the surgery.

Pet Insurance:

If you have pet insurance, check if the prevalent ailment is covered under the policy. Some pet policies cover up to 90% of the treatment costs, allowing you to focus just on the pet’s health and not on the financial burden arising out of the situation.

Those who don’t have a pet policy should think of getting one to take care of medical expenses in the future. For a small nominal monthly fee, an insurance policy can take care of your pet’s medical needs without any fuss.

CareCredit Health Card:

Imagine having a dedicated credit card to take care of your pet’s medical needs. The CareCredit is one of a kind credit card that can help you pay for costly treatments needed to restore your pet’s health.

Unlike pet insurance which doesn’t usually cover pre-existing ailments, you can use a CareCredit health card to tackle the expenses resulting from existing health conditions. The interest rates are quite lower than a typical credit card.


If you are not sure what’s wrong with your dog, you can ask questions on JustAnswer. This platform has licensed veterinarians who will attend to your questions online for free. Of course, it won’t replace an in-person vet visit.

But then, you will at least know the level of care your pet needs. For a small fee, the platform also lets you have a phone conversation with a veterinarian, which will be far cheaper than an in-person visit to a vet’s office.

The RedRover is an animal rescue organization that offers a variety of relief programs to support pet dogs. Basically, the organization provides financial and emotional assistance to pet owners to help them take good care of their pets.

They usually provide grants to cover the cost of treatment. The grant may cover partial or even full medical costs. In short, you will truly appreciate their kindness, directions, and support during times of need.

Raise Funds:

You can also raise funds to pay for your pet’s treatment by selling items you no longer need on platforms like eBay. Additionally, you can ask your employer if he/she can offer any type of assistance in this situation.

Finally, you can consider setting up a crowdfunding campaign on a popular site like Gofundme. The chances are that you will be able to raise all the money you need sooner than your expectations. So, don’t underestimate the power of crowdfunding.

Euthanize your Dog:

Sometimes, throwing money doesn’t fix health concerns. If it’s an incurable disease, provide a peaceful ending to your beloved companion. Luckily, it costs less than a tank of fuel to euthanize a pet.

Not only will you be able to afford the treatment, but you will also be able to save your pet from the suffering involved in dealing with an incurable disease, such as cancer, kidney failure, and so on. As they say, it’s the most human way to end a dog’s life.

Interesting Facts: There has been a significant drop in the use of euthanasia for American dogs in the last few years.

Final Words

Our dog’s life is just as worthy as ours. If we try hard enough, we will find ways to save an innocent life. So, put the well-being of your pet over your own feelings. Also, do not think of getting another dog until you are financially stable.

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