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How Much Does In-Home Dog Training Cost?

In-house dog training costs range from $30 to $150 per hour session. Of course, some folks charge even up to $500. Usually, most pet owners end up spending around $50 to $60 per class.

If you don’t know yet, there are no regulations in this field. This is to say that dog trainers have the liberty to set their own rates. Of course, they are specialists. So, they know how to price their services appropriately.

To know the exact rates, it’s better to get free estimates from dog trainers around your place. Usually, you will get a discount on ordering a package deal of 6 or 12 sessions as opposed to just 1 or 2 sessions.

Keep in mind that learning good habits can take time. Usually, it takes several training sessions to teach new things to a pet dog. So, you should be prepared to spend enough money for a few weeks of training.

In other words, look for a package deal to provide consistent training to your dog. As hinted earlier, a package deal will save you money too. You can discuss with the trainer to know how much time it will take for your dog to learn a particular skill.

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When you approach a dog trainer, the person will evaluate many things to come up with a quote for training your dog. Yes, a lot of factors can influence the training cost. Let’s take a look at these factors.

Location: Dog trainers in big cities charge more than those who live in small towns. As expected, the cost of living will be high in big cities, which will eventually reflect in the asking price.

Age: The younger the dog is, the easier it is to train the dog. In other words, a trainer will have to spend more time and effort than usual in training an older dog. So, he/she might bump up the price.

Interesting Dog Facts: You can start obedience training as early as six months old.

Behavior Problems: Dog trainers usually inspect the dog’s behavior before undertaking the job. If the trainer suspects behavioral problems in your pet dog, he/she will charge you more than usual.

Training Type: If you want to teach basic commands to your dog, it won’t cost you as much as advanced obedience commands. Even a novice trainer will find it easier to teach basic commands in comparison to advanced commands.

Health Condition: It will cost you more than usual to hire a trainer to coach a deaf or blind dog. Any other health condition that can hamper the training can also cause an increase in the training cost.

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Do Online Dog Training Costs Less?

Online classes usually cost less than in-house dog training conducted by a dog trainer in person. In online classes, you will be provided with videos on dog training.

Additionally, you will be allowed to chat with dog experts to address any concerns or queries you may have about the training. A quick google search will show you the ongoing rates for online courses of this nature.

Although online training will be cheaper than private dog training, it may not be for all the pet owners out there. It’s definitely not a good option for busy folks because one may lack the time to implement the things explained in the videos.

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