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How to Train a Yorkie to Sit?

Sitting is a useful behavior for many life situations. It’s usually the first command that pet owners teach to their furry friends. Once a dog learns how to sit, it becomes easy to teach him other commands in the future. So, how do you train a Yorkie to sit?

How to Train a Yorkie to Sit

1. Use the Treats Trick:

The treat-method always works like a charm. Food is, obviously, the best treat you can use for dog training. It’s more like bribing your pets to have them do what you expect out of them. To teach your Yorkie to sit, you can follow the following steps:

*Grab a treat. Needless to say, this will get your dog’s attention.

*Get closer to your pet’s level to feed him. You can choose to sit on a chair.

Important Note 1: The above step is very important because you don’t want your pet to jump towards you to reach out to the food, which will defeat the purpose of the training. You want your Yorkie to sit and not jump.

*Ideally, you should get the treat close to your pet’s nose and move it back over his head.

*As you are doing this, guide your pet to sit down. As he sits down, say the word, ‘Sit.’

Important Note 2: Avoid using any other word or verbal communication, except for the command word ‘sit’ so that your dog clearly understands what’s expected out of him when he hears the word ‘sit.’

Important Note 3: Release the treat from your hands only when the pet sits down and not before that. In other words, do not even treat him until his bottom touches the floor. Of course, don’t forget to praise him too.

*It will take many attempts. So, repeat this sequence several times, and ultimately, try it without offering any treat.

*Be sure to offer enthusiastic praise when the treats are out of the equation. You can offer him treats occasionally, though, but keep the praise coming.

Yorkie Facts:  Believe it or not, owning a Yorkie was considered to be a symbol of wealth during the Victorian era.

2. Use the Leash Method:

In this method, you will use a dog collar or something equivalent to offer physical guidance to your pet to obey your command, which is to sit when asked to do so. Of course, this method won’t work for those who are strongly against the use of dog collars.

You can try this method as long as you are comfortable using a leash. When using a dog collar, you should also make sure that your dog is not uncomfortable. You want the dog to remain close to you so that you can teach him how to sit. But then, the leash shouldn’t be tight enough to make your pet dog feel uncomfortable.

Steps to follow:

*Stand close to your Yorkie and help him lower down to a sitting position by gently pushing him around the area above his rear legs.

*Of course, don’t push forcefully. The push should be gentle enough to not anger him.

*If your dog resists, then walk him around a bit with the lease around his neck to ease him down. Then, repeat the earlier process.

*Once he doesn’t resist to you gently pushing his bottom to the floor, hold him in this position for around 20-30 seconds.

*Of course, don’t forget to say the word ‘sit’ once his bottom touches the floor so that he can connect this position to the command.

*Like any other training technique, you will have to repeat this many times for your Yorkie to actually understand what you are expecting from him.

*Continue guiding him until he learns to sit just by listening to your voice command. At this point, you will no longer have to gently push his butt area to the ground.

Needless to say, make sure that the chosen sitting surface is comfortable enough for your pet to remain seated in the position for as long as you are expecting him to stay seated. In other words, don’t make him sit on a pointy surface. Also, try this method in different situations, like changing the room. This way, you can be 100 % sure that the dog has actually mastered the art of sitting.

Yorkie Facts: Yorkies were initially bred to catch rats in mills (clothing).

Word of Advice:

After repeated efforts, a pet will slowly learn how to sit down when asked to do so by the pet owner. Also, it’s up to you to find the right reward for your pet dog. What may be rewarding for someone’s dog may not be rewarding for your pet. Moreover, keep your pet’s mood in mind. You don’t want to train him when he is in an obvious bad mood. During bad mood scenarios, it’s better to postpone the training.

Finally, pay attention to the training environment as well. It’s best to avoid outdoor training because Yorkies can get easily distracted in an outdoor surrounding. On the other hand, it’s preferable to train them in a quiet location to avoid distractions. An indoor room can be an ideal place for dog training, where they can stay more focused without any fuss.

Yorkie Facts: The world’s most famous dog in the World War II-era was a Yorkie by the name of Smoky. Believe it or not, there are many memorials built in honor of Smoky in the United States and elsewhere too.

Final Words:

Start early. Yorkies, like most other dogs, are easily coachable during their childhood days.  The good news is that you can start training Yorkies as early as 7-8 weeks old. That said, it’s important that you don’t keep the training sessions too long at a time.

Yorkies get bored easily. Plus, they are not known for having a good attention span. This means that long training sessions can be quite counter-productive. That said, you can choose to train them multiple times a day. Each training session can be five to ten minutes long. In summary, plan short sessions.

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