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How to Train A Pitbull Puppy not to Bite?

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of bad advice floating on the Internet. Almost every pet owner assumes that he/she is a good dog trainer. So, you will have to be extra careful these days. Of course, this may not be a major revelation. But then, you should know what’s going on.

The way to train a Pitbull puppy on not biting doesn’t involve punishment or something aversive along the same lines. So, dont fall for advice that suggests that you should punish or frighten your puppy to develop biting control. In other words, don’t use toxic measures to teach bite inhibition.

How to Stop a Pitbull Puppy from biting?

Here are some time-tested dog training methods that you can adapt to stop your Pitbull puppy from biting you.

Chew Toys

During the initial months of their life, they are teething, which causes gum soreness. Eventually, this leads to a burning sensation in their gums. To find relief from the itching/burning sensation, they tend to bite people, objects, and anything else in sight.

Frankly speaking, they do not realize that you are getting hurt in the process. For those who don’t know, dog skin is far tougher than human skin. Hence, a dog’s tolerance for a bite from another dog is bound to be better than humans.

So, a dog biting any other pet dog in the household is often considered a part of aggressive playing. The bitten dog will be able to sustain the bite without any issues. However, the same bite force can cause you a lot of pain, which your Pitbull puppy won’t even realize.

If you provide your Pitbull puppies with something to chew on, it can curb or stop their habit of biting you. Of course, you should give them acceptable chewing toys. The good news is that you can easily find appropriate dog chewing toys in the market nowadays.

Interesting Pitbull Facts: A Pitbull becomes less active with growing age (approximately after 12 to 18 months).

High-Value Treats

High-value doesn’t mean that you should get items of high value from a pet store. On the contrary, you should get items of high-interest. Anything that you think might interest your dog can serve as a high-value treat.

So, it doesn’t have to be expensive. The idea behind this method is to teach your dog to not bite everything near or inside the mouth. You can start playing with your Pitbull and slip your hands into his mouth. If he doesn’t bite your hands, reward him with a treat.

Of course, this activity will require a lot of practice. As with everything else in life, good things take time. The same goes with a lifelong behavior of this nature. So, dont give up on your Pitbull puppy too soon.

Teach Bite Inhibition

If your puppy bites too hard, you can put an end to the painful bites by teaching good bite inhibition. Basically, the idea is to express to your puppy through voice tone or body language to stop biting before it gets painful enough to bear.

All you have to do is yelp when the bite force becomes uncomfortable. This will announce to the dog that you are in pain. Immediately after the yelp, wait for 30-60 seconds. This short break will give him enough time to understand your message.

Once the puppy starts biting gently, praise him and continue giving him attention. If yelping doesn’t help, push in towards your puppy’s mouth to prompt his gag-reflex, compelling him to go easy on the bite.

Of course, dont pull, or else you will end up in a tug of war situation. Keep in mind that it will take several repetitions for your dog to understand the acceptable biting force on human beings. So, keep practicing.

Interesting Pitbull Facts: A Pitbull is agile enough to climb walls. Believe it or not, the highest climb achieved by a Pitbull is 12 feet.

Cold Shoulders

By giving cold shoulders to your dog, we mean that you should be politely ignoring him. The goal is to convey the message that biting won’t get him what he wants. So, don’t hesitate to move away from your pet whenever he bites you.

Also, make it a point to not talk to him until he calms down. This will mostly discourage him from repeating the behavior because it will sink into his brain that biting too hard is unacceptable.

It will be clear to him that bad behavior won’t get him any attention from you. Of course, not all Pitbull puppies respond well to the cold shoulder tactic. But then, it’s worth a try to see how things turn out.

Avoid Using Hands

More than often, pet owners use their hands as toys when playing with their Pitbull puppies. In some ways, this encourages the pet to bite the hand. The dog assumes that it’s acceptable to bite the hands.

By not using your hands when engaging with your Pitbull, you are telling him not to bite your hands. So, refrain from using your hands as toys. If your pet has already developed a habit of biting your hands, redirect him to an acceptable chewing toy.

Final Words:

Human aggression on an aggressive breed like a Pitbull can be a huge mistake. So, stick to positive methods because aggression will only make matters worse. In other words, adopt punishment-free training, and you will start seeing positive changes in your four-legged friend.

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