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How to Tell if your Dog does not Like you?

Although it’s very obvious for a dog to be attached to its owner, there’s no default behavior to rely on because different dogs display their unconditional love in different ways. That said, dogs have striking similarities to us in the brain region that controls emotions. Believe it or not, an MRI scan conducted on dozens of dogs to decode their feelings proved this point.

The scan results showed that the areas of the brain responsible for positive emotions in humans light up in dogs as well. So, they are like us in many ways. If they sense the love and affection coming from us, they will reciprocate with equal or more love and affection. In other words, they are hard-wired to like humans who take good care of them.

How to tell if your dog likes you or not?

If you are a true dog lover, not a single minute will go by without you pondering over this question; how do you tell if your dog likes you or not? As hinted earlier, you can tell by their body language/behavior. If your dog likes your company, he will appear extremely relaxed around you. He might even lean on you and allow you to rub his belly. Of course, there are many other noticeable behaviors that will serve as a good indication of his love towards you.

-Your dog will wag his tail in excitement whenever you come home.

-He will stay calm when you leave home, trusting you to come back.

-He will run to greet you at the door. He might even follow you like a shadow.

-He will respond when you can call out his name or when he hears your voice.

-He will come to you first in a room filled with dozens of people.

-He may lick you out of love and affection or to get your attention.

-He will fetch toys to spend some quality time with you.

-He will sleep or sit beside you at every opportunity.

-He won’t shy away from making eye contact with you.

-He won’t stray from your side during outdoor walks.

-He may growl at others when he senses that you are in trouble.

Dog Facts: A study showed that dogs usually lift their left eyebrows when they meet people that they like.

That said, some dog breeds need their own space. They will stay more aloof. However, this isn’t to say that they don’t like their pet owners. It just happens to be their typical nature. So, don’t expect certain dogs to exhibit love in the same way as most dogs do. For instance, breeds like Chow Chows and Basenjis don’t like to mingle much with humans. Therefore, don’t be surprised if they don’t show any excitement when they see you come home.

Moreover, bear in mind that herding and guarding are also subtle behaviors through which dogs show their affection towards humans.

Dog Facts:Dogs often wag their tails in circular motions when they see their owners. Such type of tail wagging is reserved for special people.

What causes dogs to hate us?

Unless you hit or kick your pet, the chances of your dog not liking you are really bleak. Abuse aside, you should also not be neglecting your dog. In short, it’s your job to keep him away from harsh treatment (neglect or abuse). Harshly treated dogs usually growl at their owners. In extreme scenarios, they may also attack the owner. That said, the dog may usually display some warning through body language before biting someone.

Final Words:

The fact that you guys cared to read this content shows that you genuinely love your pet dog. Hopefully, you are getting all the love and affection in return from your canine companion. As they say, there’s no greater joy than your furry friend welcoming you at the doorsteps.

That said, you can’t force your dog to trust or love you. These things are to be earned and not forced. After all, we are talking about an unbreakable bond over here. So, show as much love and affection as you can. No doubt, your dog will mostly adore you for all the nice things you do for him.

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