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How to Get Rid of Fleas and Bites on Dogs with Home Remedies

Let’s confront the truth: fleas are extremely difficult to eradicate once they get established in their environment. To make matters worse, most of the flea-preventative measures are proven to be non-efficacious against fleas.

Not to mention that the commercial products available to treat flea bites don’t come cheap. Don’t forget how strange they look and smell. So, how do you protect your dog from flea bites?

The good news is that some home remedies can do the magic for you, of course, without breaking your bank in the process. Before we dive into the home remedies, let’s get to the basics.

Introduction Part:

Fleas are small insects that live on the blood of mammals/birds. Basically, they suck blood from animals and birds to survive. Of course, they can bite humans too. So, no one really stays happy with their existence on planet Earth.

Interesting Fact: Believe it or not, there are 2000+ different species of flea globally.

They usually prefer to live in dark, shady, and moist places. As expected, they generally enter our house through our pets. Then, they create havoc to bother us, and of course, our pets too.

Fleas are usually the prime culprits when you notice your dog scratching mercilessly for no reason. When fleas bite our pet, they inject saliva into the skin, which causes uncontrollable itchiness in dogs.

Keep in mind that unattended flea bites can also lead to troublesome skin infections. For those who don’t know, flea bites look like tiny (red) raised dots on the pet’s skin.

Needless to say, some dogs may have a stronger reaction to flea bites than others, which may lead to more skin redness than usual. Upon intense itching, you can also expect to see some inflammation.

To spot their evidence in your pet’s life, you can comb your dog’s fur with a flea comb. A flea comb is a fine-toothed comb that picks up fleas, making it easier for you to spot flea activity on your dog.

Although fleas don’t live long, they multiply rapidly, as if there’s no tomorrow. The fact that you are here tells us that you are worried about their invasion in your pet’s life.

Interesting Fact: Fleas are real bloodsuckers. They can suck blood up to fifteen times their body weight, which should explain why they are one of the most feared insects out there.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas and Bites on Dogs:

Cold Bath

Yes, a simple cold bath can do wonders. Believe us or not, a cold-water bath can reduce itchiness to a great extent. After all, fleas don’t survive in freezing temperatures for too long, which should explain why a cold-water bath helps in eradicating them.

A cold-water bath may not necessarily kill all the fleas, but it will definitely slow down their life cycle. Avoid a hot water bath, though, because it can cause inflammation, leading to more itchiness than before. To completely resolve the dog flea issue, keep reading.

Epsom Salt

To tackle flea bites around your dog’s feet and ankle area, soak your dog’s paw in warm water and Epsom salt. Take around 5-6 teaspoons of salt and mix it well in warm water. For every one teaspoon of salt, around five to six cups of warm water will work.

This mixture works by dehydrating the fleas. So, Epsom salt can actually kill these bothersome fleas. Of course, make sure that your dog doesn’t drink the Epsom saltwater solution. After all, this old-fashioned saltwater mixture can make your dog sick.

Talcum Powder

This is an age-old trick that works well in controlling the population of fleas. Usually, the use of talcum powder is suggested to puppies that are not big enough to be treated with chemical products. All you have to do is allow the talcum powder (baby powder) to settle down on your dog’s skin.

This will take around 3-4 minutes. After the brief waiting period is over, you can comb the pet’s hair with a flea comb. At the time of combing, check whether the fleas falling off are active or not. Ideally, they should be dead because the talcum powder gets into their respiratory system to suffocate them to death.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a very effective flea management home remedy in existence today. You can easily find tea tree oil in local health stores around your place. All you have to do is mix the oil with water in the ratio of 9:1 and put this mixture in a spray bottle. You can use any ordinary bottle spray for this purpose.

Simply spray this home-made solution all over your dog’s body. Make sure that you shake the bottle very well before use. Also, avoid spraying the solution on your dog’s eyes as it can cause their eyes to burn. In about 8-10 hours, you can expect the itching to go down considerably.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil will also work as a flea killer. All you have to do is some coconut oil on your dog’s skin. Of course, make sure to wipe any excess oil from the dog’s fur. Coconut oil application will cause the flea to jump off your pet’s body almost instantly.

You can also mix coconut oil with water in a regular spray bottle. Spray the solution on your dog every day and follow it up with a nice rub. Don’t be surprised to see your dog lick the coconut oil. Don’t worry; licking coconut oil won’t harm your pet in any way. That said, you can dress your dog to prevent it from licking the oil from its body.

Important Notes:

-Depending on the flea infestation, multiple treatments may be required to eliminate the fleas completely from your pet’s skin. Also, it’s better to talk to the vet if you have a severely flea-infected pet at your hands.

-Do not use any pills on your own unless prescribed by the vet. The chemicals present in most of the over-the-counter pills/drugs can have an adverse effect on your pet’s health.

-Do not be afraid to take your pet to the vet (if needed). Don’t worry; the vet won’t judge you. On the contrary, the vet will help your pet dog deal with the bothersome fleas.

Final Words:

Fleas go wherever your pets do. So, they can be all-around your house and yard. To completely eliminate them, you must remove them from your pet’s body and from your home simultaneously.

Ideally, you must vacuum clean every bit of your house, including your home furniture, beddings, resting areas, and even floor cracks. You should also get rid of the vacuum bag to prevent the flies from hatching eggs inside the bag.

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