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Funny Girl Dog Names & Meanings

Hilarious dog names are ideal for fun-loving dogs with a sense of humor.  If you are looking to keep a funny name for your furry friend, here are some name suggestions for you.  Of course, some names may sound somewhat silly, but they are at least worth a laugh.


Obviously, no one must be smarter than your dog ( at least in your mind). So, why not name your dog after the greatest intellectual geniuses of all time? Right off the bat, the name will depict how clever your dog is. Just so that you know, Albert Einstein was an avid dog lover himself.

Interesting Facts: Puppies are born deaf, blind, and toothless, all at the same time.


If you want to name your dog after a fictional character, you won’t find a better name than Cinderella.  The name is funny and beautiful, both at the same time.  Of course, this fairy tale name is unforgettable too, at least in the USA.

King Kong

How about the name King Kong? Sounds funny right away, isn’t it? Needless to say, this name will suit giant breeds of dogs like a German Shepherd or a Scottish Deerhound. Basically, you can consider this name for any dog with gigantic proportions. It will suit the dog. Plus, it will sound funny.


No funny dog name list can be complete with Scooby-Doo. After all, scooby-doo has entertained the masses for decades. So, great memories are attached to this name. Therefore, feel free to go ahead with this wonderful and famous cartoon name.

Interesting Facts: Most dogs curl up to protect their vital organs and to warm themselves up.

Peanut Butter

You can also name your dog after something you like the most, such as peanut butter. Something like a meatball would be hilarious too. If you have a lazy dog at your hands, why not call him a potato? It’s funny. Plus, it will resonate with your lazy dog’s personality.

Chocolate Chips

Who doesn’t love chocolate chips? They are great comfort food. Our dogs do the same for us. They provide us great comforts. So, why not choose the name chocolate chips for our four-legged friend? Of course, you can also consider any other chocolate cookie-inspired name.


If your dog is a powerhouse, the name lighting will suit him really well. Another obvious name consideration along the same lines would be the name thunder.  Instead of going for regular names, you can go with these names, especially when you own a high-energy dog.

Interesting Facts: Believe it or not, well-trained dogs can detect cancer and a host of other diseases in humans.


For pet dogs with big ears, you won’t find a funnier name than Dumbo.  This is to say that the name Dumbo will suit a Beagle or a French Bulldog. For those who are not aware, Dumbo is a popular Disney character too. With a name like Dumbo, don’t expect people to take your dogs seriously.

Hot Dog

The name hot dog probably began as a joke. As expected, it’s a totally hilarious name for a dog. At the time of this writing, there could probably be hundreds of other dogs with the same name. However, this name will never cease to amuse the heck out of you.


If you are a regular movie watcher, you can go with this name. Of course, you can also consider this name for your dog if his favorite pass time activity is to go out for movies with you. Not to mention that you can even name your pet dog after a famous movie comedian.

Final  Words:

From Noodle, Belly, Snoop Dog, Cheese, Sniffer, and more, the choice for funny dog names is infinite. So, don’t choose a random name in haste, just to grab attention. Devote some time and choose a good name because it’s going to stick with your dog forever.

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