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Dog Breeds Between 20-40 Pounds

Medium-sized dogs that weigh between 20-40 pounds are often preferred by homeowners these days. Gladly enough, quite a few human-friendly pet dogs fall in this category. Let’s take a look at them now.

Finnish Spitz:

Finnish Spitz dogs have earned the distinction of being the ‘National dog’ of Finland. Believe it or not, a Finnish Spitz dog is mentioned in many patriotic songs. As such, this breed of dog is quite popular in Scandinavian countries.

Appearance-wise, they look quite muscular. In fact, they resemble a fox. A male full-grown adult Finnish Spitz dog weighs around 27-35 pounds. The female counterparts weigh less, anywhere from 22-30 pounds.

Manchester Terrier:

Manchester terrier dogs weigh anywhere between 12-22 pounds. For those who don’t know, they come in two different varieties; Toy and Standard. Toy Manchester terrier dogs weigh under 12 pounds. And, Standard Manchester terrier dogs weigh up to 22 pounds.

By nature, they are highly spirited, intelligent, and faithful. They are also said to be quite cunning. This doesn’t take away the fact that they can be a loyal friend to humans. Seriously, they are known to be utterly devoted towards their caretakers.

Interesting Dog Facts: Dogs get jealous when their owners display affection towards someone else.

Tibetan Terrier:

Bred in the mountainous regions of Tibet, Tibetan Terrier dogs make fantastic family pets. They are unbelievably tolerant, intelligent, and faithful, all at the same time. They also have a natural guarding instinct in them.

Plus, they are not too aggressive towards humans. They stay reserved towards strangers, though. As far as their bodyweight goes, the weight of an adult Tibetan terrier is around 20-24 lbs. They keep growing till the age of 14 months.

Icelandic Sheepdog:

Just a tad bit smaller than a typical medium-sized dog, an Icelandic Sheepdog weighs in the range of 20-30 pounds. It’s a herding dog that’s known for its loud bark, cheerful nature, and thick coat.

If well-taken care of, an Icelandic Sheepdog can enjoy a decent lifespan of 11 to 14 years. As such, the first Viking settlers brought this dog breed to Iceland. So, they have been around for 1000-plus years.

Boykin Spaniels:

A sturdy, agile, and medium-built dog, the Boykin Spaniel dog was first discovered in the state of South Carolina. A typical Boykin Spaniel dog loves to please its owner. Male Boykin Spaniels weigh around 30-40 pounds.

On the other hand, female Boykin Spaniels weigh between 25-35 pounds. Despite being a born hunter, a Boykin Spaniel dog can prove to be a fantastic human companion because of its outgoing attitude towards people.

Interesting Dog Facts: The heaviest dog (English Mastiff) in the world weighed 343 pounds.

Shih Tzu:

Healthy Shih Tzu dogs weigh between 9-16 pounds. That said, many adult Shih Tzu dogs weigh more than 20 pounds because of their large bone structure. They take around nine months to reach their adult weight.

Of course, well-groomed Shih Tzu dogs look really beautiful. Not to mention that they are real charmers. For their small size, they are also very solid. They are like big dogs housed in little bodies.


This medium-sized dog breed weighs between 18-42 pounds. That said, the average weight of a male dog is higher than that of a female dog. Male dogs weigh around 35 pounds, and female dogs average around 29 pounds. They stand around 19-21-inches tall.

In terms of overall size, they are small enough to be allowed to sit conveniently on our laps. At the same time, they are large enough to be our outdoor running partner. As long as they get enough physical stimulation, they can live in apartments as well.

Interesting Dog Facts: The world record for the most tennis ball held in the mouth by a dog is six.


Basenjis are small and graceful dogs that are easily recognizable due to their distinctive looks. Standing around 16-17 inches tall, they have glistering short coats, wrinkled forehead, and humanlike expressions on their face, which sets them apart from other dogs.

Intelligent and independent, they typically weigh about 20-24 pounds. Since they are highly protective of their owners, they make nice family dogs. However, they would need early socialization to behave well around people and other dogs.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi:

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi dogs typically weigh between 25-38 pounds. That said, female dogs weigh less than male dogs. They are a true dwarf breed. Genetically, they bear a long body with short legs.

Made for herding, they can prove to be great house pets as well. Once they open up, they can be quite fun-loving. That said, they have a quite laid-back personality and are less outgoing compared to other dog breeds.


The Keeshond is a medium-built dog that can prove to be a great guard and companion. The Keeshond dogs have strong reflexes, jumping abilities, and playful nature. Not to mention that they are quick learners too.

Basically, they are full of personality. Of course, they need a moderate amount of exercise to stay healthy. That said, a normal Keeshond dog weighs between 34-40 pounds. Some of them weigh up to 45 pounds.

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