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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? Are they Safe?

You don’t need us to tell you how sweet and delicious strawberries are. Of course, they are quite healthy too. The main issue lies right here. Some pet owners blindly assume that a health-beneficial human food can be equally healthy for their dogs.

Keep in mind that not all the human fruits and vegetables out there are safe for doggie consumption. Some of them can have toxic effects on our pets.

After all, the digestive tract of our dogs is not the same as ours. Yes, humans and dogs digest food differently. So, eating the wrong food can cause them long-term health issues.

Franky speaking, it’s usually hard and confusing to pin down which fruits are safe and which are toxic for our pet dogs. Sticking with the topic for this post, let’s tell you whether or not it’s safe to serve strawberries to our dogs.

Interesting Facts: Believe it or not, USA has the highest population of pet dogs in the world (more than 75 million).

Can dogs eat strawberries? Are they safe for doggie consumption?

Yes, your furry friend can safely consume strawberries without any ill effects like we normally eat. That said, several dogs with a sensitive stomach may have some tolerance issues.

Also, you must refrain from serving dogs with canned strawberry syrups because the artificial preservatives in them can pose health risks in the long run.

Not to mention that many dogs don’t do well when they are served food items containing refined sugar and other sugary stuff along the same lines.

Canned/processed strawberries also defeat the purpose of including ‘healthy’ food in our pet’s diet because of the excess sugar and calories present in them.

Moreover, it’s a personal thing, which is to say that some dogs like strawberries, some don’t. Like humans, dogs have their personal taste too. In other words, the liking for the fruit would depend on your pet’s taste. Healthy or not, you shouldn’t force your dog to eat human food.

But, if your pet dog likes strawberries, don’t stop him from eating them as they are not bad for their health. After all, they can prove to be the healthiest treat for your dogs.

Of course, fruits of this nature should always be served in moderation. Like any other fruit, if they eat too many strawberries, they will end up with an upset tummy.

Not to mention that dogs are carnivorous creatures. So, there is no need to include fruits and vegetables in their diet. So, use strawberries as an occasional treat and not as a part of their main meal. In short, don’t feed them a lot at once without putting any thought into it.

How healthy are strawberries for your pet dog?

Strawberries not only taste great, but they offer profound health benefits too. They are a great source of Vitamin B1, B6, C, K, iodine, manganese, potassium, and fiber.  So, they are quite nutrient-rich.

For those who don’t know, strawberries can strengthen a dog’s immune system. Better still, strawberries can help them with weight management as well.

Keep in mind strawberries contain teeth whitening properties too. Yes, they have a special enzyme in them that can help whiten your furry friend’s teeth upon consumption.

Not to mention that the Omega-3 in them is good for their skin and overall coat health. For all these reasons, strawberries can prove to be an extremely healthy treat for your dogs.

Interesting Facts:  Just like humans, dogs can get heartburns too after eating food. In fact, dogs produce more stomach acids than humans.

How to serve strawberries to our pet dogs?

Wash the strawberries, just like you would clean and wash any other fruit before eating. This will get rid of any dirt and residual chemicals that can pose health risks.

Also, make it a point to trim the stem part of the fruit to avoid the risk of choking. For smaller dogs, you can cut the strawberries in small pieces or even mash them up.

If you are serving them for the very first time, start slow. Try feeding your pet a single strawberry to see his reaction. If he likes the fruit, you can serve strawberries as a treat. If you notice any problem, get in touch with the vet. Maybe, strawberry is not the right fruit for your pet.

Final Words:

Strawberries (in moderation) are good for your dogs. But canned ones or syrups should be avoided because the sugar and chemicals in them won’t sit well with your pet’s digestive system.

So, tell us whether or not your dog likes strawberries? If it’s a ‘yes’, let nothing stop you from serving this tasty fruit to your pet as an occasional substitute for your pet’s regular treats.

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