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Can Dogs Eat Corn? Are they Safe?

Boy, we understand where this is coming from. We all have some unanswered questions that a lot of ‘dog experts’ or ‘gurus’ out there can’t answer correctly.

It’s like the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. A lot of these gurus will contradict their own statement. Consequently, you reach the enough-is-enough moment.

If that’s what has brought you here, don’t despair. We will settle all the hype and debate surrounding this topic. Finally, you will know whether or not you can feed corn to your canine companion that trusts like you crazy.

Interesting Facts: The food moves through a dog’s GI tract almost three times faster than humans.

Can dogs eat corn? Are they safe?

Honestly, whosoever says that you shouldn’t ever make your dog eat corn is talking shit. That said, dogs can OR cannot eat corn because it depends on a lot of factors.

Generally speaking, you can safely serve corn to your dog. It’s definitely not toxic for a dog’s body. But then, it also depends on how it’s processed.

This is to say that unprocessed corns should be avoided. Dogs usually swallow them whole without chewing them. The corn kernels pass through their intestine intact. As a result, dogs are not able to get any nutrients from them.

So, serve corns that are processed into kibble for the dogs to derive nutritional benefits from corn consumption. This goes without saying, you should obviously not feed corn to a dog that is allergic to corns.

To sum things up, dogs get very little to no nutritional benefits from unprocessed corns. As hinted earlier, unprocessed corn passes out in the same condition it goes inside the body.

Not to discount the fact that a ton of pet food manufacturers use corn as a filler product in their packaged foods because of how inexpensive it is. Of course, consuming small amount of these packaged foods won’t hurt your dog.

What’s also worth pointing out is that the nutritional benefits are not ground-breaking, even with processed corns because of the low frequency and quantity served to most pet dogs.

That said, you can definitely include them in your dog’s meal occasionally because some dogs truly enjoy eating them. Not to mention that corns have a decent dose of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and antioxidants in them.

This should also explain why it’s included in a lot of pet food products out there. So, it’s favored not just because it’s quite inexpensive but because of its nice nutritional profile.

In moderation, corn won’t do any harm to your dog unless your pet falls in the 1% category of dogs that can’t tolerate corn. If an intolerant dog consumes corn, watch out for abnormal symptoms and visit the vet’s office if needed.

Corn sensitivity or not, make sure that you don’t feed too much corn to your pets. As long as you are serving them corn occasionally, it won’t do horrible things to their metabolism as other pet owners make you believe.

Interesting Facts: A dog’s jaw does not allow the dog to chew side to side.

Can you serve corn cob to your dog?

Make sure that you are not serving naked corn cob to your pet dogs. There’s a risk of your pet choking on it. Even if the dog ingests the cob, the chances of a serious intestinal issue are quite high.

Can you serve popcorn to your dog?

Unsalted and unbuttered popcorn can be served to your dogs. Basically, you can treat them with plain popcorns and not the ones loaded with butter, salt, and other flavoury stuff.

Final Words:

Hopefully, the unscientific literature around this topic won’t bother you anymore because now you finally know whether or not it’s safe to serve corns to your four-legged companion.

To put everything together; corns can be eaten by dogs. But then, dogs can live without them as well. In other words, dogs don’t necessarily need them in their diet. So, don’t serve them as the main food.

As they say, ‘leave people’s food to people and dog’s food to dogs. This is to say that dogs shouldn’t be eating people’s food too often as their digestive system is not the same as humans.

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