My name is Petes Miller, and I am crrazyyy about dogs. 

You must be wondering why I have to begin my introduction with a statement like that. Well, if you had seen me have my morning walk with 9 dogs accompanying me, you’d have known that by now. Yup, I have 9 dogs and perhaps, when you reach this blog, I might be having 13 of them and planning to adopt the 14th one. 

I live in the bright and bubbly city of Manhattan and I own a restaurant here. I love cooking as much as I love dogs (which is too much!). 

I was 7 years old when my dad gifted me my first dog. When he handed it to me, he wasn’t giving me a dog, he was giving me a friend for life. It was a male Golden Retriever, and the very moment I put my arms around him, I knew what I wanted his name to be– Casper. Why? Well, I still don’t know why I named him that. All I know is that it wasn’t just a dog for me, it was the beginning of my craze for dogs. Soon after that, when I was 10, I got another Retriever. Gradually, I ended up having 3 Golden Retrievers, 4 Bulldogs, and 2 Pomeranians. I love them all a lot. I love it when I get home after a tiring day and they jump and welcome me with the same enthusiasm every single day. I feel that I am really lucky to have them. 

Apart from the constant demand for love that I have to keep supplying, I don’t think they have ever bothered me about anything at all.

So, why PetesTrain.com?

Well, ever since I had my first dog, people began to ask me about how I trained them (mind you, my dogs are very disciplined), how often I bathed them, what kind of food each one of them needed, and whatnot. I love discussing dog stuff with them. So one fine morning, I thought why not open a blog and let the world know everything I know about dogs? Alex, my half-brother made this website for me and taught me how to use it. It’s been so and so days now and I am loving this blog thing. 

I hope you like my blogs. Also, I would love to hear from you guys. Your comments are more than welcome. 

Let’s make a community of dog lovers. Well, why not? I don’t think there is anything like having too many dogs, is there?

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